29 4 / 2013

Physically or mentally. Possibly spiritually.

From asking, “Are you expecting a pacer?” to “No, that’s skin. Your skin just peeled off,” everything was completely unexpected.

It was a learning experience. A glimpse into the heart and character of the ultramarathon. Learning how to trust your instincts, put your own needs aside, and make a pretty sweet walking stick.

But I see this as a beginning. If you run an ultra within 100ish miles of where I live, I will probably be willing to pace you for a number of miles. (Just as long as I don’t have a marathon the next weekend.)


I’ll save you from the picture of the peeled off skin. 

  1. notovernight said: Vom
  2. tallmormon said: hahaha, I’ll never be running an ultra… within a hundred miles of you at least…
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