07 5 / 2013

I still can’t believe I finished a marathon sub 3:30. It feels incredible. My achievement laughs in the face of my self-doubt. 

Race day went like this:

Wake up at 4:15.

Leave K around 6:15 to find Ethan. Security is heightened and although it made it a little difficult to get to E before the race, it was a very good and cool thing. 


I was in Corral B and crossed the start line about a minute and a half after the elite. Pretty cool since RnR does separate starts.

Saw E and 2 of my other friends right after the start. 


I felt like my pace was quick at the start, but I just kept rolling with it. I think in my head I was giving myself some cushion for later when I would for sure slow down. 

It was a beautiful morning and the bridges looked so beautiful. It was very cool running over them. I was able to see E again on the Andy Warhol bridge. 


The miles went by slowly and quickly at the same time. The crowds were pretty great and I’m thankful for putting my name really big on my shirt. Strangers calling you out by name is awesome.

In the beginning, I took water and gatorade at every other stop. It seemed too chaotic to try and squeeze in at every station. I was glad for when the halfers left. (no offense, but I’m always glad to have a less crowded course)

Saw Ethan one more time around mile 11.5. I still felt really good. 


I love this picture. I feel strong when I look at this picture of myself. 

I realized I was on the BIG hill after I had already run up half of it. Was more of a steady incline for a few miles - nothing I hadn’t trained on. 


I think it was around mile 14 that I realized I would most definitely BQ again.

It was around mile 18 that I told myself I was going to run a 3:30. No excuses (unless I needed medical help.)

And I ran. and ran. and ran. The downhill portion. I’m thankful for the downhill because it made the 3:30 possible, but yet I hate the downhill because it makes recovery way, way worse.


The miles just went by. Only 3.3 left. Only 2.7, Only 1.5, Only .4.

And then I saw the finish line. It was awesome and I felt like I was all alone. My finish video proved that I was, in fact, alone. 

Arms held high and I crossed the line. Unbelievable. 

After high fiving a woman for completing her first half marathon, I found my way out of the finishers chute and over to the Lost Runners table.

(We didn’t make a definite plan for meeting up and there were A LOT of people. I also didn’t have my phone.) The Red Cross let me use a phone to call Ethan. I wasn’t sure if this existed because of Boston or if there was just more advertising about it after Boston, but I was SUPER thankful.

Reunited with my love and biggest supporter!


Push yourself. Tell yourself you can do it. You will feel magnificent. 

  1. ariavie said: Love this! Congrats!! :)
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