08 5 / 2013

Love my photos! 

I had planned the bottom one for a few miles. I just wanted to make sure Shortmom knew this one was definitely on purpose. Or maybe I just run like that. You never know.

  1. betternikki said: These are fantastic. Especially that last one.
  2. runningwithguts said: hahahahaha, I looooove you!
  3. fitnessinablog said: I LOVE your photos!!!
  4. tallmormon said: hahaha, love that final pic!
  5. notovernight said: She runs like that ALL THE TIME, true story!
  6. katebikerun said: Beast!
  7. almondsofjoy said: LOL. These are great!
  8. stephsaysgo said: Such awesome race photos!!
  9. ariavie said: Love the last one.
  10. shortmom said: hahahahaha!!!!!!!!! I love that so much!!!! lmao