12 5 / 2013

I think I better knock on wood before I express this.

I’m still feeling awesome and motivated to run! Marathon blues have yet to rear their ugly head. I’m keeping myself from drowning in those deep, deep blues by running with friends, doing easy runs, and focusing on other people’s successes. I also want to fit in more biking! 

My spirits are much higher now than they were after Philly. Maybe it’s the sunshine and springtime, but I feel completely different. After Philly, I was already rearranging my training schedule to fit in rest days. Now, I feel very little pressure to fit in runs. I don’t have a training schedule to follow. I just have freedom with my running. I have a chance to fall in love with it all over again and love it for what it is. 

Spring marathons forever and for always.

  1. seechrisrun said: I’ve felt the same way since Boston. No letdown. No runner’s remorse. Just doing what I want for now. I even ran a 5K PR out of the blue! I’ll be more than ready to take on the next marathon when the time comes.
  2. ariavie said: I skip the schedule for a few weeks after every road marathon too, it feels liberating. If I want to run 5 miles at as fast as my legs want to go? Dammit, I do it. If I want to do that five days in a row? No prob. (I’ll just want more rest later.)
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    I have dibs on tomorrow. You are all jealous ;)
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