10 8 / 2013

Family Vacation: Dolly Sods Long Hike

It’s been a week and sore feelings have faded, so I’ll finish sharing our final adventure from our family vacation. 

After the short “adventures” we took with babies and squeezed in before dinner, I was eager to do something longer a bit more challenging/tiring. 

We found a trail map of the Dolly Sods Wilderness Area and picked a couple of them that would make a loop. 

In total, we hiked a little more than 11 miles. I was super proud of us for navigating the trails. Sure they were pretty well maintained, but there were a couple of places where we had to rely on cairns to figure out where the trail went. We also made a few of our own for other hikers. BROTHERHOOD OF THE HIKERS.

It was fantastically amazing to get out for a couple of hours with my husband. It was nice to get away from the kid-comparing and complaining about not having freedom. (To people who are trying to conceive. Thanks for being sensitive.)

Little did I know, there was jealousy brewing back at our cabin because of our absence. Thankfully, I still have fond feelings of this hike (SURPRISE WATERFALL!!).

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